About NERC

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) mission is to ensure the reliability of the North American bulk power system against cyber-security attacks. NERC is the electric reliability organization (ERO) certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to establish and enforce reliability standards for the bulk-power system.

Is Your Power Grid Secure in 2017?

All owners and operators of the North American bulk power system must the mandatory nine NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards in order to protect North America's bulk power system and helping them avoid huge fines for non-compliance. The new Energy Bill mandates Reliability Standards Compliance and Enforcement. Fines can reach $1 million per day per violation

All bulk power system owners, operators, and users are required to register with NERC. The NERC Compliance Registry is a listing of all organizations that are subject to compliance with the approved reliability standards. NERC works with eight regional entities. These entities account for virtually all the electricity supplied in the United States, Canada, and a portion of Baja California.

The NERC System Operator Certification Program awards certification credentials for operators that demonstrate sufficient knowledge relating to NERC reliability standards and the basic principles of bulk power system operations by passing one of four specialty examinations. A NERC certificate is valid for three years. The NERC certificate is maintained through the use of approved continuing education credits.