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NERC Compliance Registry & Registration

All bulk power system owners, operators, and users are required to register with NERC. The NERC Compliance Registry is a listing of all organizations that are subject to compliance with the approved reliability standards. NERC provides notice of registration to all organizations included on the NERC Compliance Registry. The process for registration is included in the NERC Rules of Procedure, Section 500.

NERC has developed a Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria that delineates the selection criteria employed by NERC to determine which organizations should be registered as owners, operators, or users of the bulk power system. In particular, the statement proposes criteria for smaller or relatively isolated organizations as load-serving entities, distribution providers, generation owners, generation operators, or transmission owners and transmission operators.

The Multi-Regional Registered Entity (MRRE) process is a voluntary process for those registered entities that are registered in more than one NERC region. This coordinated process allows the entity to work with a single Regional Entity as the compliance enforcement authority as it relates to all Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) activities. This process would then provide for increased efficiencies in compliance resource allocation for NERC, the Regional Entities, and the Registered Entities while maintaining the reliability of the bulk power system.